Spring Cleaning

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The nice thing about having a blog, however sporadically I might post, is that I can look back and see what kind of things start to repeat and become traditions. Every May is busy - birthdays, final projects and exams, holidays. The days get longer and warmer. I buy peonies, we plant our herb garden. And every time around this year I do some kind of spring cleaning. I clean out our closets, wash the windows, that kind of stuff. I had a bunch I wanted to do, but I've been busy with school, so I've only managed to get a few things done here and there during the weekends. But still, these little changes can make such a difference. Here are some of those things, if you are like me and love lists. And yeah, I've already posted some of this on Instagram already, sorry about that. It's pretty much the new form of blogging, isn't it?

  • Organized all our books and papers (i.e. Mark's entire medical school catalogue). Moving it all into file folders and turning the spines around helped so much in making it looks more streamlined and cohesive. Why do medicine books have to be so ugly? Not to mention expensive, ugh. 
  • I made a quick, rip off version of these banners because I am a lazy, broke student - although I obviously don't condone plagiarizing artists' work regularly. But, it looks pretty cute, right? I still need to work a bit more on making our desk space look nice, but this is still a good reminder to have up these days. 
  • I made a bunch of cleaning and skincare products, which I've had on my list to do forever and was so easy that it made me embarrassed I waited so long. I made an all purpose cleaner, lavender linen/room spray, oil cleanser, kitty balm, beard oil for Mark and some peppermint lip balm. I made everything in small batches to test things out, but I've been happy with it all so far and am looking forward to experimenting more. Next on the list is trying the no-poo method, and some homemade deodorant. I've also started doing dry brushing, which I like so far! Still haven't tried oil pulling yet, but I'm curious about that too. 
  • I also started making kombucha and am surprised how much I love it. It really seems to help my stomach, and gives me a bit of energy since I don't normally have much caffeine or sugar (it has both, in smallish amounts). I usually make it unflavoured, and add some frozen berries to it afterwards. It tastes like apricot cider. If you are thinking about trying it, don't be intimidated! I was scared at first by all the fermentation lingo (even the name scoby, ew) but it's really super easy, I promise. 
  • We are still working on organizing and amalgamating all our photos which is a huge project. For us, anyway. We take a lot of photos and have had a lot of different systems for organizing them over the years. I realized that it had been so long since I had printed any photos out, so I got a bunch printed through the Printic app and am really happy with them. It's so easy to be able to just order them on your phone, and it's a nice way to have some family photos around without it looking too formal or fussy. I also want to order some prints from Artifact Uprising. I made calendars through them for our family for Christmas this year, and the quality was really lovely. 


  1. Wow, feels like forever since I looked at your blog! I need to have a scoot through your back catalogue... I've been a bit slack of late with too much life stuff going on :)

    I think it's ok to make a rip off design as long as it's for you. It's when people rip it off and sell it that I think it's wrong so go you it looks great. I love seeing pics of your place and I'm also a total list freak... doesn't mean I actually get through any of it though!

    Not sure what tummy problems you have but I've had issues for years and not realised it until a few years ago. I've tried taking sugar, caffeine, yeast, wheat, malt, artificial stuff out of my diet and it makes a great difference. I just find it hard to sustain it. I'm currently not feeling great so I'm looking into the paleo lifestyle. I've realised I shouldn't be this tired so time to do something about it... I might take a look into kombucha.

    Have a good week. We are coming to CPH again in 2 weeks... fancy a decaf coffee if you are not too busy? x

  2. Copying your file folder shelves asap - my school stuff is currently in little piles spread all around my desk. Also, I was so skeptical about oil pulling but it works!

  3. Love this post. We need to do some major spring cleaning around here and this is just the inspiration to do it! Dan and I have been doing a bit of oil pulling, it's not bad at all, our only issue is remembering to do it!

  4. it's so fun to read about your kombucha! i'd love to hear more about the whole brewing process :)

  5. Ugh, oil pulling! I did it three or four times but I don't really get it. Maybe I just don't have the symptoms that oil pulling is supposed to cure. I have been using coconut oil on my face before bed which has done wonders for clearing up my skin.

    That link for beard oil is no good! Zach just accidentally bought a $50 bottle of beard oil and he feels very embarrassed by it; next time a homemade remedy would be better I think (although his is very nice).

  6. I lovvvve kombucha but I absolutely cannot get over the scoby!!! Also I think E would disown me if I tried to make anything fermented in our fridge... so I will stick to paying $4/bottle I guess. You so trendy.

  7. Ahh that Scoby. I just can't deal. Do you have a picture of what yours was like?

    Super late catching up on your catch up post but it's nice to read all the same. I want to hear your fall one now - you're such a fall person! xx


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