A New Year

Friday, January 3, 2014

I love the new year, with it's fresh slate and time for reflections and aspirations. The last few years I've started a new tradition of going for a long walk on New Year's Day, then sitting with a cup of tea and a notebook to write down goals and ideas for the year ahead. I tend to get over enthusiastic and come up with pages of things I'd like to do. So this year instead I'd like to focus on a single guiding concept. I want this year to be one of balance. I want to move more to counter all the hours sitting at my desk working on projects, I want to get outside more instead of choosing to cozy up at home most of the time, I want to read more instead of watching tv to unwind, I want to put down my phone and stop scrolling through Instagram and Facebook to write more letters and have more coffee dates with friends. I want to do more, but I also want to slow down and savour things - little and big. More mindful, less mindless. Happy New Year, my friends, I hope it's a great one.


  1. A super good goal, simply but applicable to every part of life. We should definitely push each other too!

    1. Agreed! It was definitely inspired by our walk - thanks for being my walking buddy/photo model/goal pusher!


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