Let There Be Light

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I took these pictures the other day during a walk around our neighbourhood at dusk, which is around 3:30pm now. There's a little abandoned alley between our building and the next that has been quite neglected and is usually just overgrown with branches (which came in really handy as decorations for our wedding!). While I was back in Canada, these light sculptures appeared and the concrete dividers were painted neon pink which makes the whole area much brighter and happier. Not to mention it makes walking through the passage way less sketchy. I love that Copenhagen has the foresight (and resources) to make these kinds of projects happen. It really makes such a difference to areas like this. And speaking of light, I might as well say that there isn't much of it here right now. The days are getting even shorter and for the most part the sky is covered in a grey blanket of fog. But for some reason, it hasn't gotten to me as much this year as it did last year. I've stocked up on candles and have been lighting them in the mornings and evenings. The Danes are crazy about candles and have them everywhere during the winter (even at my school and the bank) and it really does make things cozier. My mom also got me a light lamp, which both Mark and I have been using over breakfast and I think it's really helping. And I've been doing pretty much everything else on this list I made last year of how to cure the winter blues, so far it's working!


  1. lucky you! it is endlessly cloudy here in göteborg and it gets to me. last fall and winter in iceland though i was hardly bothered - but there was more sun there, even though the days were shorter, and i think that makes a lot of difference. i am going to go peek at your last year's list now - maybe it can help me chase off these blues i have :)

  2. Elaina! I've been so busy but just managed to catch up on your posts. The remaining Iceland posts are just so stunning!

    Also, I love when places that are a little rundown get turn into something beautiful!

  3. Geneviéve - I think it is the sun vs. greyness! I'd think about getting a light lamp, they are really expensive but I think worth it. Otherwise you just wouldn't get any natural light here. I hope it gets sunnier though! xo

    Angela - I've been wondering where you've been and hoping everything was ok! Things have been so much quieter than usual on your end. Hope it's been a good busy! And thank you! :)

  4. I would buy a little mini version of those light sculptures. Also wine bottle + long candles are taking over my apartment. I work so early/late these days that I'm hardly ever there when there's any daylight.

  5. I know, I kind of want to steal one! We are thinking of getting one of the wake up lights which looks a bit like it: http://www.amazon.com/Philips-HF3480-Wake-up-Light/dp/B002CGSYPS

    Also, do you mean putting the candles in the wine bottle? Because right now I have both separately - lots of candles and lots of wine. I think either or works.


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