How to Cure Winter Blues

Monday, November 29, 2010

This is my (slightly wobbly) advent wreath that I made last week! Since it was first advent yesterday, I figured I could finally post about Christmas decorations but I've actually been getting into the holiday spirit for a couple of weeks now. I know so many people are against it but putting up string lights, lighting some candles and listing to Christmas with the Rat Pack has really helped with the winter blues I was talking about so I've resolved to start celebrating earlier in November from now on. I'll probably do another post about Christmas here once I take some photos downtown (Danes LOVE Christmas!) so this is just a peek. Here is the rest of my list of ways to start loving winter:
  1. Turn on string lights and candles (also in the mornings)
  2. Make porridge for breakfast
  3. Give myself lots of time in the mornings
  4. Take vitamins (especially D and B12)
  5. Make the apartment cozy
  6. Go for afternoon walks to get some sun
  7. Buy a wake up light
  8. Start going to bed earlier
  9. Buy some essential oils and herbal tea
  10. Start celebrating Christmas early (music, movies, decorations, and baking)
  11. Knit something cozy (I’m still working on my cable knit scarf….)
  12. Make oven s'mores (I've been wanting to try making marshmallows!)
  13. Bake bread (Also still on my fall goals list!)


  1. yay! I like your list! I noticed a couple of my ideas on there ;-) I might have to try some of yours too. Porridge is a great winter breakfast and I do need to make our house more cozy...
    I was doing up invites for my Christmas Awesomeness party and I wished that I could invite you too...

  2. Yes, definitely! I'd loved your ideas. So Nessa! :)

    It's amazing what a difference having porridge and tea in the morning makes. Just having something warm and filling and taking some time to sit and eat, I guess. And being cozy helps too, I should work on that more too.

    Oh, I wish I could come too! I was watching the Rudolph movie the other night while working on my scarf and was thinking of how awesome Christmas Awesomeness was! Have fun!


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